Septic Tank Installation

Are you looking for a company that can install a septic tank quickly and at an affordable price? Look no further! TechEcoHome is a company with many years of experience and knowledge. We can guarantee you a worry-free professional septic tank installation. 

Septic Installation Process

Septic tank installationWhen you hire TechEcoHome for septic tank installation, you can be guaranteed that you will be provided the best service in Toronto and the GTA. Installing a septic tank with TechEcoHome is super easy – call us, and a group of experts will come to your premises to give you an estimate absolutely free of charge.

All our installation work runs in four steps:

1. Design. Here at TechEcoHome we understand that every house or business is different, and has different disposal needs. This is why we create a custom design for every customer. Our staff will perform a soil test and take all the correct measurements to create a design for your septic system. You will receive the plan, detailed designs and specifications. After this, they are ready to be sent in order to receive a permit. If you would prefer to transfer the duty of receiving the permit to us, we will be happy to do so. In that case, our TechEcoHome experts will bring you a finalized permit once it has been approved.

2. Installation. At this stage, our experts will excavate a hole in the designated area for your septic tank installation. We will install the septic tank according to health regulations in Ontario, and bring the pipes from your home to the septic system.

3. Electricity. The third step is all electrical work, including a safety alarm system to guarantee proper functionality of the system as a whole.

4. Final Inspection. This is the last stage of the systems installation. At this point, our staff and neutral authority will examine the system for any malfunctions or defects.

Overall, the septic tank installation process, from design drawing to final inspection, takes approximately 2 months.

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