Septic Tank Replacement

If something is wrong with your septic tank, or it has served its time and you need to get a new one, TechEcoHome is at your disposal. We offer quick, quality, and affordable septic tank replacement services in Toronto and the GTA.

Our previous work includes many years of experience in providing commercial and industrial plumbing services. We respect our clients and their property, and always leave our job site spotless.

Why Does My Septic Tank Need to Be Replaced?

Septic Tank ReplacementSeptic tanks are always manufactured from long-lasting materials that will serve you for more than a decade. Nevertheless, everything has a finite lifespan, and septic tanks are not an exception. The usual life span of a septic tank is 40 years, although there are several things that influence the systems durability.

The majority of system failures are caused by drain clogging. This is why it is important to know what can go down the pipes and what can’t. For a detailed list, and advice of how to prolong your septic tank’s lifespan, click here

Another reason you may need to replace your septic tank is because of concrete corrosion. Concrete corrosion begins with the creation of hydrogen sulphide gas and ends with damaging the whole system. In both cases septic tank replacement is inevitable.

Lastly, if you did not pump your septic tank often enough, that could also raise the need to replace the tank.

Repair or Replace?

When sewage backs up into your house, you know that you have to call experts right away. Depending on what the problem is, you will have to make a decision – replace or repair? To make this decision, you will first need a group of professionals to pump your tank to determine the problem.
If there is a small patching required, repair needs. If you find a drainfiled failure, there is not much choice but to replace the whole system.

Unfortunately, these things happen, but it is always good to know that someone like TechEcoHome will come to the rescue. Call our experts today and they will be happy to answer all your questions.